The Art of People Power

The Art of People Power

How you highlight your people can be the secret sauce that propels brand recognition to new heights. It comes in many forms, whether it be through how you promote your staff, how you highlight the customer, or the strategic use of celebrity endorsements.

We’ve delved into a couple of our favourite examples that help demonstrate the importance of associating a face to a brand.

Red Bull

Red Bull is renowned for its high-energy events and dynamic brand image.

More than 8 million people watched their live YouTube feed of Felix Baumgartner becoming the first skydiver to break the speed of sound as he jumped from 24 miles above the earth.

It led to increased brand loyalty among its target audience of young males who continue to associate the product with adventure, excitement, and high-energy lifestyles.


Apple branded stores called Genius Bars took the retail world by storm and made technical issues feel less complicated and the people solving them more relatable.

It was described as a branding move that impacted perception externally and improved morale internally.

This emphasis on product knowledge and customer interaction sets Apple apart. Customers feel not only informed, but also part of a community, fostering brand loyalty.


Nike’s Breaking2 project is one of the best two-hour ads ever made.

Years of research took place behind the scenes as scientists researched how an athlete could break the two-hour marathon barrier.

While Kenyan marathoner Eliud Kipchoge narrowly missed the mark, his name became inseparable from Nike thereafter.

Nike’s marketing ensured that the Alphafly shoe it not just their fastest shoe but as a “collaboration” with Kipchoge, portraying him as the ultimate embodiment of the shoe’s effectiveness.


Spotify masterfully executes their marketing through their digital channels with their ‘Year in Review’ feature.

This not only fosters a personalized experience but also prompts consumers to become brand ambassadors, eagerly sharing their results on social platforms, sparking discussions, and garnering public attention. The public end up doing the marketing for the company themselves!

Wrapping up

The best in the business find ways to build brand ambassadors around them, whether it be through promotional talent or customers.

Promotional talent should become a trusted extension of everything that your brand stands for and wants to achieve. Someone who can interact with the right customers at the right time towards your business goals, with the enthusiasm that leaves a warm, and lasting impression.

And customers can be turned into a small army, spruiking your values and ideas on a huge scale.

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